Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Madison

So the theme for this year's Mr. Madison pageant was "Sesame Street" and each of the boys participating (there were 17 this year) were asked to choose a muppet to represent. They had to design their own costumes and answer their interview questions as if they were the character. The boys were judged on three criteria 1. Self Expression 2. Talent 3. Fitness.

Bearing in mind that this pageant is really just for fun it was a riot to watch! Talents ranged from serious classical piano players to a guy who stripped his socks off and did toe painting on stage. It was hilarious!

Cody chose to be the Kermit the Frog. He did a great job and stayed in character the whole time. Everyone else got out of their costumes and into workout clothes for the "Fitness" portion, but not my baby brother. He just put on his cross country uniform over Kermit and worked out like that. It was hilarous.

And in the end it paid off. Cody won the spirit award. Unlike traditional pageants, they award the top person in each category and then just a runner up and Mr. Madison. It was a fun show and we had a good time watching the boys dance around on stage in costume. With any luck mom will learn how to post the video. The awards went like this:

The Spirit of Mr. Madison: Kermit the Frog

Self Expression: Count von Count

Fitness: Fozzie Bear

Talent: Ernie (of Bert and Ernie)

1st Runner Up: Oscar the Grouch

Mr. Madison 2009: Big Bird

Gideon watched with interest. The auditorium was so hot and loud there was no way he could get any sleep, but that's okay, he seemed to have fun.


Kelly and Jesse said...

He did good with his costume. We are so proud of our froggy woggy brother. We know it's not easy being green.

Leisha said...

Love Uncle Kermie, and Gideon's profile makes me crave another baby pronto! Have I mentioned how scrumptious he is???