Saturday, September 27, 2008

Newest Milestones

So it was a fun week.

Gideon tries to crawl now. He can scoot around pretty good and gets up on his hands and knees well, but he's still pretty wobbly when he tries to move.

But it's cute!

Gideon and Adam enjoyed playing together until Adam left on Tuesday.

And I had fun holding Lily because she's way less mobile than the munchkin. It was nice to hold a baby who actually just sat on my lap and didn't flop around like a fish out of water.

We went to the craft store where Lily and Gideon played in the button bin. (Okay they get this from their mothers. My sisters and I inexplicably started playing a game where we dug through the bin to find unique buttons and then decided to buy them even though we have no use for them at all. Still a button of a turtle holding a tennis racket seemed to strike us as hilarious at the time.)

Oh and this is entertaining. He does this thing where he arches his back and then pushes off his feet, so it's like he's scooting around backward on his head. It's hilarious!

Grandpa Darryl became an instant friend when he gave Gideon his first taste of brownie. The munchkin loved it. Well, everything except the clean up.

I love Lily's bows. They're all just adorable!

And we started practicing with a sippy cup this week. He still doesn't seem to have the hang of it yet, but he does seem to enjoy chewing on the spout. At any rate, it was fun to watch him try a few times.

And today he helped me do laundry. We had to pack Travis since he'll be working in Salt Lake next week.

Okay daddy, I'm ready to go!


Leisha said...

Lily is a girl after my own heart! We are trying to adopt another baby girl right now, but if for some reason we change our minds I am hereby willing all of Rachel's hairbows to Lily. We are talking, a forklift would need to deliver them!

Brenley said...

Gideon is so stinking cute! I love the back arching thing that he is doing. McCoy does that every time I put him in his car seat.

Darryl and Cindy said...

I have some of the cutest Grandbabies Ever!!!!

leschornmom said...

I really need to get on here more often!!!!!

Hillary and Jake said...

OH NO! the second coming is coming! Cali has gone more than a week without updating her blog!!!