Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Debut of the 2009 Wrestling shirts

Okay, sorry for those of you who read mom's blog, but this will be a repeat. Although Cody was healing well enough to allow coach to be comfortable enough to let him wrestle on the 19th & 20th, he was limited to two matches and on paper, it was the other 140 lb. kid who got credit for Cody's wins. But that changed this week as he was allowed to compete in a tournament at Firth. (For the record, the Dr. says he's never seen anyone heal so completely and so quickly as Cody.) Cody did great, and ended up placing 3rd in the tournament. It's a good omen for things to come! For the rest of us, we got to debut the 2008-2009 wrestling t-shirts. Get used to seeing them a lot! (Just wait until we pick up the banner from the sign shop.)

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