Monday, December 22, 2008

Give me a beach any day!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate winter. And I know hate is a strong word, so I mean HATE winter. "Hate, hate, hate, double hate, loathe entirely....." Okay enough of the tangent. I think you get the picture. I am one of those people who would rather be hot than cold and would be more than thrilled to live in a world with no snow or ice whatsoever. Seriously, I wouldn't miss it one bit. I've begged my husband to let me move to a warmer climate, but no, he insists that we must stay here because he for some reason likes the snow. (Which I find ironic since he travels so much and doesn't get to play in it anymore.) I've tried to adapt to my new state. Over the last decade I've learned to ski, gone on snowmobile trips and even tried sledding and the infamous "Tube Game." But it doesn't seem to matter how many layers of clothes that I put on, somehow my toes and fingers never stay warm, so I just don't enjoy those outdoor winter activities. I've tried to find good things about it. But frankly, I'm tired of trying to pretend I'll ever be happy in this weather. (For the record, you'll never ever hear me gripe about heat or humidity. That's why I'm allowed to whine all I want about winter.)

Some of you look at this and think, "Wow it looks so perfect for Christmas." I just look at it and want to cry. Actually I have cried about it come to think of it.

So since a lump is forming in my throat again, I'm going to change the subject! Cody got to start wrestling this weekend. Just two matches because the coach didn't want him to overdo it. But he did extremely well, winning both of them, one by pin and the other by major decision so we're all getting excited for him to get back to a full schedule. Providing he doesn't break anything else, he'll be competing at a tournament on the 30th, so we're very much looking forward to that.

The munchkin is getting used to wrestling and didn't seem to mind the noise and craziness at all this last time. And of course, he's stealing hearts and making friends all over the place. Just ask Doreen.

We went to visit grandma and grandpa on Sunday evening to find out that the elf had a little surprise for the munchkin.

What a sweet little elf! It's not even Christmas yet and he already had a stocking full of fun stuff for Gideon.

This is my new favorite picture! What a little charmer!


Jacob and Cami said...

I love the sunglasses. They'll be perfect for when you move to warmer weather, or when you come visit us. mom looks really good too. Although I was hoping to see a Christmas turtleneck!


I hate being cold too, and Even when I'm next to miserable from the heat, I wont complain..... I save it all for winter...I see that great minds think alike. And I too have asked the husband to move, and he won't do it either:(