Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meeting the Big Guy

Dinner at the Elk's Lodge Family Night where Trav's cousin, Ted, has played Santa Claus for nearly 20 years.

All things considered, he did really good for his first time with Santa. Considering that it was really late for him so he was an exhausted and cranky munchkin, and it was very hot in the room because it was so crowded and we'd had to wait through way to many mediocre dance numbers and a very long line before we even got to him. Still, at least he didn't cry.


Brenley said...

Ok, kinda funny! When I was looking at these pictures, I was thinking wow, you are one hot mama! ANd then I noticed that G's shirt said something, so I enlarged the picture to see what it said, and I had to laugh! He is such a cutie, and his mom IS hot!

Cali and Travis said...

Well Bren, thanks for the compliment. You just made my week!