Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gruesome Foot Pictures

Okay the photos really aren't that gruesome, but I just wanted to give those of you who have weaker stomachs, a chance to look away.

Surgery went just great. These pictures were actually taken on Friday the 31st when I went back for a follow-up with the doctor. As you can see my foot is still pretty swollen here. In fact, it's still swollen next to the other one.
Yesterday we went back to the Dr. and he took the stitches out. The foot looks more bruised now and less swollen than in the photo below. The Dr. told me that when they got the bunion off, he actually found a cyst in the bone which he had to clean out and then graft some bone into. It worked out well I guess that some of the bone they had just taken off was really good, so they were able to graft it with my own bone. It will still be 4-5 weeks before I'm walking or driving, but I'm getting around a little bit better now, so we moved home on Thursday.

We moved in with Trav's parents right after surgery so that I would have help with munchkin. They were wonderful. He's an active guy though and I know he gave them a run for their money a couple of times. Thursday morning my mother-in-law called to me to come quickly and bring the camera. This is what we found:

How he got up there without breaking his neck is a mystery to all of us. But he seemed to be having a good time using everyone's toothbrushes to "brush" his teeth.

And finally, my family returned home on Friday morning. We spent the day with them yesterday. It was a lot of fun including a trip to the pet store with my mom to get a rat. Gideon was so proud of it he wanted to carry the cage. I'm not really sure how I feel about that, but oh well. At least it was in a cage.

And that's the deal for now. I'll post newer pictures of the foot after my appointment next week.

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Joanne n' Brad said...

Your 'new' foot looks great. I hope it heals quickly and leaves you free of pain!