Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was cold, but we partied on anyway!

So Saturday may have been windy and quite chilly, but we had planned Cody's birthday/bon voyage party and we weren't going to miss out.

We started things off with some mid-afternoon skeet shooting.

Adrianna watched from a safe distance away.

Cody's Amazing Technicolor Cupcakes. (We had about 8 "helpers" with the decorating so some of them turned out quite interesting.) And don't worry. We had plenty!

When it turned out to be cold and rainy, we had to move the food inside. Good thing mom and daddy have a house that will handle it.

Cami & Jacob made a slide show presentation about Cody to show to all of his friends. It included highlights like wrestling, traveling, the Hawaiin lip-sync and the infamous "tight-whitey" dance.

We had a nice fire for hot dogs and S'mores though!

Gideon loves playing with his cousins!

Watch out for the wind, it will get you!

Lily pulls the best faces in the world!

Gideon and Lydia get a bath!

Okay the boots & hat belonged to guests at the party. We had some explaining to do after we caught Adam being a ham in them.

Games in the house until dark, and then outside for fireworks and an "Epic" Capture the Flag battle.

Okay I still want to know who gave my son a chocolate cupcake after his bath. How was this a good idea?

P-Dawg wants a cupcake please!

Don't ask me why her hoodie is on backward. I think she said something about it being her "zombie" face.

Dude, you're only 19! You don't need that much air!

These boys were definitely ready for bed! They were all partied out!

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