Monday, August 17, 2009

Is Your Family This Much Fun?

Today was a busy day. We spent most of it running from store to store with Cody buying all of his last minute mission stuff. When we got home all of the cousins came over for a sleep over at Gideon's house.

I was informed that we have really great climbing trees!
So I had gotten dinner for everyone (okay actually my friend Natalie got dinner for everyone. She brought over a Shepard's Pie last night that turned out to be a Godsend! Thanks!!!!!) Anyway so we had dinner and I started running water in the tub for baths. I was in the other room when I heard a splash. Gideon was apparently very excited about his bath tonight because he climbed in fully clothed. He thought he was pretty darned clever.

Emily Mae (my oldest niece) decided that since we were having a sleep over that our family night needed to be a pajama party. Even the adults were required to participate. So we had a PJ Party family night.

Uncle Cody got Dogpiled.

And I'm not entirely sure how to even begin to explain this.

We even got to have some serious "Monkey Business." And then we capped it all off with popcorn and home made milkshakes.

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Ron and Jessica said...

Ooh I wish we had trees like that! Gideon is such a cutie hopping in the tub :)