Sunday, August 16, 2009

Too Much Fun!

So ever since Cami and Lily arrived on Wednesday we've been having a lot of fun! Too much fun if you ask some people. Shiloh, Jason & their clan got into town in the wee hours of Thursday morning and it's been one big party ever since. About the only problem is that Lily is scared of me. She and Gideon play really great together, (in fact, they adore each other) but when she sees me coming she hides behind her mom and sometimes breaks out crying. I'm thinking it's the crutches and the funny boot. Anyway Cami left her with me the other day and she woke up before Cami got back. She screamed and cried and kicked and refused to look at me. She just laid her head on the floor and sobbed. I'd feel bad except that it was too darn cute!

Friday was cupcake day. I spent all afternoon baking for Cody's bon voyage/birthday party. At one point I realized Gideon was too quiet. When I found him, he was hiding under the counter, with a cupcake in each hand. His arms are apparently longer than I thought.
The rest of the family came over for dinner Friday night and we got to employ the little battery operated scooter a neighbor gave me. The kids absolutely loved it.

The bigger kids (like Jonas, above) got to ride it themselves, but Gideon is still too small, so Uncle Cody helped him "drive."
Then we had a pinata. Because every party needs a pinata. Actually this thing has been floating around my parents' house for about five years and mom decided she was tired of looking at it, so she told dad and Cody to stuff it for the the kids. Gideon was thrilled that we were letting him whack something with his light sabre, since usually we're telling him not to do that.

All of the kids got a turn at it.
But we made sure Cody had something more substantial than a light sabre so that it would break.

Even Shiloh enjoyed our hot new ride. (Although she did not enjoy the cold front we had move in just in time for the weekend.)

So Gideon loves suckers and he's apparently very picky. When all the kids were scrambling for candy, he ONLY went for the suckers.
Smart boy!

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Stephanie H. said...

Very cute photos! Gideon's getting so big!