Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 Wrestling Shirts

I got to spend the entire weekend doing something I absolutely love! Watching wrestling! As it turned out, I was the only adult score keeper they managed to get, so in addition to keeping score, I had to keep an eye on the student volunteers (most of whom had never watched a wrestling match before) to make sure they were all lined out on their jobs and understood what was happening. Amazingly we made it through the weekend with very little controversy over scorekeeping (And happily, none of it at my table.)

It probably wouldn't sound fun to anyone else, spending 8 hours in the same seat watching match, after match, but after following this sport for the last few years I have to admit I enjoy it! Yesterday was especially fun because my table help was better, (Jake Wade, Bochenek & Ty hung out at my table all day) and we got to visit and "discuss" ways to improve Madison's season. It's frustrating to watch them melt down like they did this weekend, because they've got so much talent and ability. But maybe a melt down is what they needed. Perhaps this will shake them up. (For the record when I say melt down, I mean, melt down. They didn't place a single person in any weight class on the podium.) But the boys had some good thoughts and they seemed determined now to make some changes.

I didn't manage to get any pictures of the actual wrestling because I was too busy. But I did get the new wrestling shirt this weekend.

No year and no names of the wrestlers, but I think they look pretty nice. And actually it may turn out better, because you could wear this one in the future, long after these boys have graduated.
The best part about being around the wrestling program again is seeing what an amazing job the Booster club has done! I'm not kidding. For three years I've watched with some frustration as disagreements and politics kept the booster club from really accomplishing some big goals. That's not to say that we didn't get things done. We managed to pull it together when we needed to for the tournaments, and we did little things for the boys to encourage them as best we could. But this year's booster club has already accomplished all of the goals we spent the last 3 years arguing over. The Madison wrestler's now have matching gym bags, warm-up suits and even...yes....the crowing jewel... Championship Singlets. Not only that, but for this tournament they put together a raffle for the tournament as a fundraiser, made more money in the concessions than ever before, and kept the coaches & officials lounge stocked and ready. And were more attentive to table help than ever. It seemed at least every hour they were bringing us drinks and treats of some kind. There were no major problems in the kitchen, no breakdowns of communication. Everything the boosters undertook went smoothly.
They partnered with National Guard and managed to get free shirts donated for the tournament.

To top it off they came to me yesterday with both shirts, to send to Cody. They even gave me one of the tournament shirts for myself.
It's amazing really, to see the miracles they've been able to work. The part that breaks my heart is that those miracles haven't seemed to rub off on the boys yet. But that's okay. The two Jakes & Ty are going to take on that challenge. At least that's what they committed to last night when they had to watch wrestler after wrestler stand on our beautiful podium, and not one of them in red, white & silver.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I love the shirts! And I am so glad you were there with the boys. I know they appreciate your advice, otherwise they never would have asked you.

And for those who didn't know. There were no wrestling boosters until we organized last year. In years past some other parents had tried, but the old coaches never seemed to want anything to do with a booster organization. It was sad. We were bare bones last year and I am so happy to see what they have accomplished in a year. Good for them!