Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Weddings

So Travis and I have spent literally all day today at weddings. There were two. First we went to a sealing up in Rexburg for Damon and Addy. Then back down to Ririe for my friend Sammi's reception. For some unknown reason I didn't take any pictures at Sammi's reception. It was beautiful though and she looked amazing. I guess I was just so busy catching up with she & her sister, Cassi (who I literally haven't seen in nearly 15 years) that I just forgot to pull out the camera. I wish I had though. It would have been fun to have photos of all the Carnes girls. Cassi was my first friend in Indiana who wasn't from Brazil. I love her to pieces. And we had a great time chatting about all the people we know. I've missed her friendship, that's for sure!

The other wedding was my friend Addy. I love this girl. She's so stinking cute and fun! She got engaged 5 weeks ago and told her fiance, Damon she didn't want a big huge wedding, she just wanted to get married. (That's so Addy! She hates making a fuss.) Both Damon and Addy are very outdoorsy, so they had their reception at a place called (and I'm not joking) "The Shootout Barn" in Ashton. It's actually a huge barn that's been totally converted into a guest lodge and it was beautiful. They served wild caught salmon, halibut & oysters and a variety of yummy sides. The cake was delicious! It was small gathering, less than 50 people, just family and close friends. Exactly what Addy wanted. Anyway, I did remember to get pictures of this one.
Mr. & Mrs. Damon Burke

Okay so Damon went outside to help someone bring stuff in from the snow, but his boots were totally cracking me up!

Gideon was ready to go home by this point!

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

The boots cracked me up too!! It looks cold there!

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