Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the King!

I think I'm going to celebrate by watching my two favorite Elvis movies, "Girl Happy" & "Blue Hawaii" because then I can pretend I'm someplace warm and forget that our actual temp this morning was -18. (It's 1:00pm and we're still only at 4 above with a windchill of -8.)


Guffey Family said...

I saw the title of your blog on Cami's blog and I thought that I missed Travis' Birthday. I panicked. Glad to see that I hadn't missed the REAL King's B-Day.

Angela said...

You know the best thing EVER for toy storage is keeping things in buckets/boxes in a closet and pulling a few out at a time. It keeps our house SOOOOO much cleaner. Ty has actually been asking me to rotate our book collection so he can read different books.

For younger kids, what Reed's grandma would do was put things in groups so that each week she could pull a new set out. So there would be a ball or two, a building toy, cuddling toys, this toy, a that toy, etc. That way the kid doesn't have to ask for a ball or ask for a car but things change up and you don't have as many toys out.