Monday, August 9, 2010

Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Any More Ridiculous!

Well it happened. Last night I had my official pre-baby nervous breakdown. The frustration, the anger, the insomnia, the crazy toddler, the nerves, the irritation, the expectations and my ever growing to-do list finally got the best of me. And when Gideon pulled down the entire of shelf of DVD's (& trust me, our collection is extensive) I'd finally had it. I grabbed the keys and told Trav I was taking a little drive.

So I drove around the west side of Idaho Falls, venturing out a little further from town each time. Literally sobbing into my phone while my mom, dad & sister Skye each took turns listening to me and then doing their best to calm me and make me feel better. (And they helped a lot, they really did.)

When I pulled up an hour later, I felt emotionally drained and still had a lot to deal with, but the sense of despair was starting to lift a little. Until I noticed the garage door open, light on and pieces of sheetrock missing from the bottom part of the wall.

Let me back up a moment. Last week I noticed a puddle of water on the garage floor that looked like it was seeping from the wall. I mentioned it to Trav who said he'd check it out. Turns out we had a massive leak under our laundry room and the corner crawl space at the back of Trav's basement "mancave" was completely underwater. (That would also explain the "sour" stench I kept smelling in the basement last week.) While I'd been gone Trav and his dad had crawled in and shut off the water and arranged to have my dad come over today on his lunch hour and look at it.

I guess there are some blessings to having to redo all of the adoption red tape. Travis had already arranged to have today off so that we could go this morning and get our fingerprints and FBI background checks done. At least that way he'd be home to deal with it the rest of the day.

So way after his bedtime (like almost 10) I took Gideon down to the in-laws where he got a bath and I was able to at least wash my face & brush my teeth. Once home, Gideon got put to bed & Travis and I tried to figure out what to do next. After cleaning up what we could, we went to bed (and I won't tell you what we did next because this is a PG rated blog.)

We went back to the in-laws at 7:00 this morning so that we would both have time to shower and get ready before our 8:20 fingerprinting appointments. Afterward we dropped off the very last (we think) of the paperwork at the agency and hit the D.I. thrift store where we bought a used dresser for Gideon's room that I'm going to paint later this week. Then we came home to tackle the lake in our basement. Actually I didn't really do much of the work, I have to give Trav the credit. By 2:00pm he had the crawl space vaccuumed out, a fan blowing in it to dry it out, the leak repaired & the water back on. Gideon and I spent most of the day with Trav's mom, because she has water. Fortunately it wasn't a worse crisis. We only lost one day and a very small amount of money. Still it set us back a day in the overhaul of the house we're trying to do before Saturday.

After dinner we came home and outside of bathing my munchkin and doing a little yard work, I haven't really accomplished much. So my to do list for tomorrow looks like this: sweep, mop, dust, clean windows & rugs of downstairs bedrooms, clean and scour downstairs bathroom, wash bathmats and towels, do a load of dishes, move vanity & bedframe into storage, run 6 miles and organize desk. That's just tomorrow. The rest of the week has a similar agenda. Anyone willing to come and help?


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I will be by around 11:30 this morning to pick up my Gideon. Since I can't do much physically I will babysit for an hour or so. He and I will take grandpa his lunch and spend an hour or so together and then we'll come back. Will that help?

The Clegg Family said...

I would totally come help you, but the 3 hour drive might just get in the way. Keep up the good work, your reward is coming soon :)