Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh What a Difference A Mattress Makes!

How's that for a super cool bed! The man who has to sleep in it seems to approve!
On another note, as we're getting set up for Parker's arrival, Gideon was climbing in the crib and playing around it, so I told him that's where the baby sleeps. He promptly got his baby doll (the one I bought a couple of months ago hoping to help him learn gentleness & prepare him for his coming baby sister) and after relieving her of the burden of her hat and blanket, put her in the crib, turned off the light and proceeded to "shh" me while climbing in the crib with her and pretending to go to sleep. It was very, very sweet!


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

He is such a sweet little fire ball.... er .... boy!

Ron and Jessica said...

What a cute bed for a kid on the go!