Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Good Place to Hide

So when I told Gideon Saturday morning that Daddy was coming home he got very excited (naturally) and said, "Me hide and surprise him!?!?!?" Sure, why not. (He likes to do that a lot lately.) Anyway he went downstairs to play or hide or whatever. What's funny is that when Travis came home, we couldn't find him. Turns out, his great hiding place also turned into a nice place for a nap.

This is the tub where we keep the coloring books and crayons and he was sound asleep. It was pretty cute.

We had fun with daddy, even if he was only able to be home for like 24 hours. We played in the yard and of course, daddy had lots of help mowing and watering the lawn. Speaking of the lawn, it's finally all put back together, although it kind of looks like Frankenstein's monster right now. But I know that by next summer it will look fine. Just as long as I can keep it alive until then.

Have I ever mentioned I have the best climbing trees ever? Gideon sure thinks so anyway.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

My neck hurts looking at him in that box. How long did it take you to locate him? What a cutie!