Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nana Saves the Day

So last night after our trip to the clinic, Gideon was promised by Nana that she'd buy him a toy today to help him feel better. So this morning I heard him get up and come rushing up to my room. "Mom! Mom! Mom! My head feel better. Go to Nana's house please, please, please! Her have new toy for me!" So we got up and got dressed and went to Nana's house. By the time we got there he was insisting that he needed to go get a "Slinky Dog" (You know from Toy Story.) Gideon was so excited all morning he was practically shaking. First we went to lunch at the Red Robin (that was a pretty good treat in and of itself if you ask me.) And then to Toys R Us. And Nana learned why I don't take Gideon into that store!

It was a successful trip. We did indeed find a slinky dog as well as a Mickey Mouse playground set on clearance and he ended up with both. So Nana saved the day and managed to make this little guy extremely happy!

He's very thrilled about his slinky dog as you can see. As for Parker she wasn't left out, she got new teething rings.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Gideon has the best Nana ever! (and I love her for it!)
What a happy day!hoon