Monday, March 30, 2009

...And Travis thinks we need a dog!

For about the last 18 months Travis has been suggesting that we should get a puppy. Prior to Gideon I was actually seriously considering the idea, but ever since we became parents I've really felt like between a much absent husband, a needy cat and the munchkin, I've already got my hands full. So whenever he suggests it, I ask him to wait at least a few years when Gideon is a little older and not quite so much work. But at least once a week he brings it up.

I've decided that today will be the perfect illustration on why we certainly do not need a dog right now.

But this story actually starts last week. Crookshanks is an indoor/outdoor cat. Meaning that he usually sleeps in the house, but when the weather is nice, or nicer, we can't keep him inside. And when it's bad, we can't get him out of the house. Anyway about 10 days ago we had a couple of days up into the 60's so Crookshanks was out quite a bit. He came home one night with about a quarter-sized patched of fur missing and a pretty nasty gash. He doesn't get into fights often, but this is far from the first time he's been a little banged up. As is the case with cats, he usually keeps himself clean and heals quickly.

Unfortunately we noticed this past weekend that the gash looked actually worse and he was bleeding and oozing from it. And boy did it stink!!!!!!! It was so gross and getting everywhere!

So this morning I called the vet as soon as they opened and they agreed to see us as soon as I could get there. As usual though, this took a while because I first had to get myself and Gideon fed and dressed and then I took Gideon to Nana's because there was just no way I was going to chase him around the vet's office while trying to corral the cat.

Then I came back home and after a big struggle during which the squalling cat lost some fur and I lost my patience, I finally got Crookshanks in the carrier and headed up to the vet. Our vet is in Rigby which is about 20 miles away and thanks to the snow and sleet we got last night and the fact that it was only 26 degrees the roads were nothing but ice. I almost slid out twice, but we finally made it to the vet. Naturally there was much wailing on the part of the cat the entire drive up there. Then when we got there we found that he'd urinated and pooped in the carrier. As if that wasn't enough, he pooped again on the table and the dr.

The exam was quite short. It took the vet only a few seconds to see that the cut was badly infected and a only a minute to realize that the infection was trapped under the skin. So they had to do surgery. Technically I don't know if it's considered surgery, but they had to put him under general anesthesia, so I had to sign a surgical release form. Anyway they had to put him under so that they could insert a drain which will allow the infection to drain out. They also injected him with an antibiotic.

So I left the cat there, picked up Gideon, put him down for a nap and began laundering the blankets and towels which the cat had bled on over the past few days. Then I had to go rinse out the carrier so that I'd be able to go pick him up. That required digging the garden hose out of the snow and spending twenty minutes breaking up the blocks of ice within it.

Once Gideon woke up we had errands to run, which included taking some bedding to the dry cleaners and picking up the cat at the vet. Fortunately the cat was still sedated so he didn't cause as much fuss. The bigger problem was Gideon chasing everyone's puppies in the waiting room and getting them all riled up. The vet said everything went well except that the infection was spread further than they thought so they ended up having to place two drains instead of just one. And we have to go back on Friday to have the drains removed.

We got home, unloaded cat and kid. The cat was so woozy he was stumbling and tripping everywhere. I placed clean towels and blankets around on all of the furniture and stuff I'd like to protect. But I couldn't get him to lay down and rest and it became clear instantly I had to keep him shut away in a room where Gideon couldn't reach him. He's never very gentle with the cat, but with the cat being a little sore and slow I figured it was a better idea to keep him away completely.

And so that's been my day. I finally got Gideon some dinner and now we're going to go and get ready for bed.

The cat for his part has been letting out baleful wails now and then but I imagine he'll be super cranky tomorrow. He's also kind of mad because I haven't fed him yet. But the vet said not to give him any food until after midnight unless I want to clean up cat puke.

Since I have no desire to do that, I think I'll just wait and he can be hungry.

There are some pictures below, but they're pretty gross. They had to shave further down his leg but it still looks nasty.

At any rate I'm hoping these will stop the dog discussion at least for a couple of years.


travis said...

we still need at least one dog

travis said...

maybe two, start breeding them

Jessica said...

Cali has my vote on this one. Your growing boy is enough work, not to mention your fighting cat!
We're not getting a dog until Davy's 6 or maybe 8. I don't want to do all of that work.

Today is David's day off so we can't get together. How about Thursday?

Jessica said...

Bransen usually wakes up around 11 and goes back down around 2. So can we try Thursday for lunch?

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Get the boy a Dog!!!! There is nothing more beautiful and natural than a boy and his puppy! And that comes straight from Grandpa Doc. A dog is essential in the life of a human, especially a little boy!
It really isn't that much more work, and a dog will love you forever no matter what, will never be mad at you for leaving them or taking them to the vet, unlike a moody cat. (And I do love our cat too).

Guffey Family said...

Get the dog! Matter of fact, get 5 dogs and then get them a pet. Teach the dogs to walk vertically and hold crayons. Dress them every Sunday, feed them, and load them up to go to Church. Spend 8-9 hours a day teaching them to read, add, not sniff crotches nor lick themselves. Give them so many chew toys that there is now way on earth that they could ever play with them all, let a lone store them in one room. If you're lucky, they will make noises!! Let them learn knock knock jokes! Not funny ones, but ones about cats crossing the street to see where the curtains are. Yes, dogs are awesome. Everyone should have one. Or at least 6.
P.S. Don Mickelson has a cure all for any cat sickness. It's pretty cheap and easy to clean up.

Ron and Jessica said...

Poor kitty! Sometimes I want to let our cat outside but I think she'd get ran over by a car :(
The other day Ron came home wanting a dog, but he got over it. This desire re-surfaces now and then, though. We can't go looking at any puppies or we'd be getting one for sure!

Stephanie H. said...

I'm with you Cali, little ones are hard enough work to keep up with, clean up after. I'm not going to consider getting a dog until Ben is like 7.