Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Champion

How hard must it be to be the only "Elite" wrestler in a program that is trying to rebuild?

What kind of man does it take to be the captain of a rebuilding program?

How frustrating is it to walk into tournaments each week knowing that your team has no chance of winning?

How much pressure must there be in knowing that if you don't win your match, then your team will go scoreless?

How difficult is it to watch every person on your team lose their match, except for you?

How much courage does it take to insist that your team kneel in prayer together?

What kind of example does it take to be a team leader both on and off the mat?

How many people know what the pressure is like in the spotlight?

How much guts does it take to break your hand during a match, and keep on wrestling?

How much class and maturity does it take to lose with as much dignity as when you win?

What does it take to leave a legacy?

How many people know what it's like to have an entire family, school and community counting on you to bring home a state title?

What does it take to be considered a champion? Standing on the podium? Or standing tall, all season long?

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

WOW! There is nothing left to say. Anyway... I can't see to type.. sniff*.