Sunday, March 15, 2009

Selection Sunday!!!!

It's here at last!!!! My favorite Sunday of the year! You can keep the Superbowl give me Selection Sunday! Three more weeks of basketball, that's what today means.

Of course the last few years haven't been as nervewracking for me because my beloved 'Heels have been a lock for a number one seed in the NCAA tournament. It would surprise everyone if they aren't a 1 seed today. (Yesterday's loss to Florida State certainly wasn't good, but it won't change the fact that they're still among the best four teams in the country. Besides, I'd rather have them lose now than in three weeks! And today I'm totally cheering for Florida State in the ACC Final! Because you know I only cheer for two teams. Carolina and Anyone Playing Duke!) Still it's exciting because it means we'll finally get to see who's going to play who. It means I can fill out my brackets. I can finally use the knowledge I've accumlated over the past five months for something besides just boring my friends.

I'm soooooo excited I just can't stand it! Less than five hours to go until the brackets are revealed! I love MARCH!

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