Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Celebration of a great season!

Last night was the Madison High School Wrestling Banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the wrestlers throughout the season. Since mom and daddy volunteered to host it in their home and cook the main dish (mom's famous chicken enchiladas) we all got drafted to help.

As much as he would have liked to attend, Gideon stayed home with dad, because we just didn't need the "help" of our favorite demolition crew. So he "helped" dad at home.

This is Cami's bum. She was in the way and wouldn't let me take a picture, so I told her I was going to post her bum on my blog if she didn't move. I think she thought I was bluffing.

Cody ended up being the most decorated wrestler of the evening. He got his state wrestling championships certificate. He was also awarded a plaque for being part if the "Twenty Win Club" (given to all wrestlers who have twenty or more varsity wins in a season. This was actually Cody's second year in the twenty win club.) And he won the "King of the Mat" award for having the most take downs of anyone on the team this year. And he got the big award of the evening as well, "Most Outstanding Wrestler" which of course is equivalent to a Player of the Year award in most other sports.

The banquet went well and everyone enjoyed the highlights video Cody put together. And of course we're very, very proud of him!


Amber Dawn said...

I think Cami believed you would post a picture of her bum, she just didn't care!

Congratulations, Cody!

Jacob and Cami said...

Just for the record: My bum is a lot cuter in real life!!