Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Adventures in Space! Er..I mean Idaho!

Well it's been an eventful week. Gideon got sick with a cold which led to an ear infection which required a trip to the doctor. But otherwise, we can't really complain too much. Life is pretty good right now. We've been enjoying Cami and Lily's visit to Idaho. Gideon has especially enjoyed having a playmate. He and Lily Pie get a real kick out of each other.

And he doesn't even mind sharing his toys.

Yesterday the munchkin got to help grandpa Darryl transplant some house plants. I think he ended up just eating the dirt, but oh well, as long as he had fun.

And of course, you can't have two babies staying in the same house without doing the obligatory naked in the tub together picture. It was a tight fit but they seemed to have fun!

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Jessica said...

Oh goodness, they're both SO adorable! We're totally jealous of cousins!