Saturday, February 6, 2010

The good news is I might not die!

I have one week until the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon. Today I did a 13 mile run in preparation. First of all I know the conditions will be different. It was brilliantly sunny here, and an almost balmy 32-34 degrees. (I got so hot after four miles I had to shed some layers.) Plus I was slipping and sliding on snow and ice. Due to the warmer temperatures there was a lot of snow run off so my feet were soaked within the first 3 miles. But I figure that's good news though, because it's supposed to be raining during the race next week, so wet feet might be par for the course.

I had said when I registered for this race that I wanted to finish in under 3 hours. I felt especially motivated about that goal when the training plan I downloaded from Runner's World said I'd finish in 3:08-ish. Overall, I've been noticing that I run faster than my plan says I should, but that's because I go based on how I feel, not just to keep a certain time.

Today I did the 13 miles in 2 hours 59 minutes and 08 seconds. That time includes walking water breaks at miles 2, 4, 7 & 10 & a potty stop at mile four. So I feel pretty good that I'll be able to beat three hours next weekend.

I did learn a few things today. 1.) Next time take advil BEFORE the run. I forgot until halfway through, so I'm a little more sore and swollen than I probably have to be. But that's okay. I've been stretching and icing my joints and muscles and taking hot showers. I'm sore, but not I want to kill myself sore, just wow I just ran 13 miles sore. (I'm glad no one's hear to see me try and walk around this afternoon though, I look like a baby horse just trying to stand on wobbly knees and take it's first steps. It's safe to say my toddler is more coordinated than I am at the moment.) 2.) Time for new socks. I haven't purchased any new athletic socks in years, so since I've started running I've just been using the old ones I had. I noticed they're all getting a little worn anyway, & today I wore holes in the big toes on both feet. I'm actually kind of proud of that. It's almost a badge of honor. 3.) Envisioning how great I'll look in a bathing suit this summer is enough motivation to keep me going through about 3 miles. (Today it was miles 7-10 actually.) After that, I didn't care about the bathing suit or new clothes anymore and I just had to stay motivated by telling myself that I'm Super Woman and if I'm not injured or ill then there's no reason to stop.)

Anyway I'm sure I'll have much more to post about later in the week. In the meantime. I didn't die, so I think that bodes well for next week. Happy Running!


Jacob and Cami said...

Way to go Super Woman!!

Lombardo Family said... go girl! So glad you're running on our team in June. Can't wait to hear about this race.