Saturday, July 24, 2010

And to think, we got the show for FREE!

So today was the big air show at the IF Regional Airport. You seriously can't believe the traffic! By 8am you couldn't get out of our little nieghborhood without going around the long way and hitting the lights.

We had thought about buying tickets, but we figured we'd save our money and do that when Gideon is a little bit older and will appreciate it more. Plus, living less than a half mile from the air field, we knew we'd get to see most of the cool stuff anyway. Besides, we've been getting sneak peeks all week long as they've been buzzing the house while they warmed-up for today.

My dad came down and most of the neighbors were doing exactly what we did, standing out the street watching. We saw a C130, B2 Bomber, P-51's & MIGs.
But of course the headline act was the Blue Angels. I remember going to see the Blue Angels several times as a kid because my dad loves air shows.

My in-laws were here for the Blue Angels.

I know the pictures seem far away, but cameras are like the mirrors on a car, objects are actually closer than they appear. They were so close the house was shaking and you could read the writing on the wings. By the time I snapped the picture though, they were usually on their way past.

Still, you get the gist of how close we were, when you realize this is my roof and our trees you're seeing in most of these pictures.
Gideon loved using daddy's binoculars.
It was actually kind of nice being able to just stay home and watch. While the 33,000 ticket holders were fighting each other in traffic and buying over priced food at the show, we threw some steaks on the grilled and watched from the shade of our yard.

I'm actually glad we didn't pay to go. Gideon's attention span is still that of a two year old, so after about 5 minutes he lost interest. I mean, once you've see one plane, you've seen them all, right? Don't worry though he found something to do. Mom, I'm sure you'll be glad to know that your tire has been fixed. (Bet you didn't even know it needed fixed did you?)

Anyway it was fun and the best part is, we get to see it all again tomorrow. They're doing a second show tomorrow afternoon because this one sold out so fast.


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Your dad sure had a good time. And thank you Gideon for fixing my tire. What a big helper you are.

Jessica said...

That is a pretty awesome view! I inherited my dad's "stay away from big crowds" gene so we weren't headed down there! It's awesome that you got to watch from your house, especially while BBQing! Sounds like a great weekend!