Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Because I've been Remiss...

...In posting pictures to the blog lately. Here's a little look at what we've been up to.

On Friday night we had a little Open House for Parker at my sister Jesse's house. It wasn't really a baby shower, it was more of a meet and greet. A chance for people to come and meet Parker and enjoy good food and conversation. We didn't play any games or anything, unless you count "Pass Parker."

Hillary came up from Utah for the weekend. So it was fun to get to have her there and for her to get to meet her newest niece.

And of course there were presents! I could post pages and pages of pictures of the cute stuff that Parker got, but I won't. I'll just say that I'm LOVING having a baby girl. It's like having a living doll to dress up! I swear baby girl outfits are so darling! And people must know my taste because I got a lot of truly adorable stuff!

This towel is awesome! I got one of these when Gideon was a baby. Trav's great aunt makes them. You can hang it around your neck so as to leave your hands free. It keeps you dry while you're bathing your little sweet pea and then you can just scoop them out into it when they're done!

This quilt was a gift from my sister Jesse. Before you get all blown away by her mad skills you should know that she has a client who owns a quilting business. She told this lady that Parker's room was going to be done in pink and green and she wanted a quilt to go in it. This is what we got! I think it's perfect!

This weekend was conference weekend so we pretty much just hung out at home and took it easy. We did take advantage of having Hillary here though. Most all of us (including Gideon) got a massage. YAY for Hillary!

Sunday was probably the most gorgeous day we've had all year. First we've been having unseasonably warm weather for this late in the year. (No complaints out of me, I wish it could stay this way forever!) Seriously, early October has been warmer than July. (Wish I were exaggerating, but sadly I'm not.) Even the evenings have been warm. It's rare in Idaho, even in the heat of summer, not to need a jacket once the sun goes down, but the past couple of weeks have been just glorious! But the main thing was that there was NO WIND. NONE! That never happens! EVER! Even when it's warm and sunny here we generally have a lot of wind! But not Sunday. It was perfect!

So we played outside between conference sessions. Mom & dad & Hillary came down and we watched conference together.

Even Parker got to enjoy it!

After conference my in-laws came over and we had a picnic on the lawn. I felt like some old movie with some big estate where they have these gorgeous lawn parties with fine china and old crystal. Well we used my new china, but since we have no servants and no crystal, the meal itself was pretty simple. But it was so wonderful to get to eat outside without everything blowing every which way.

Gideon had a great time. (He also loves his Nana, in case you couldn't tell.)

As for Princess P. She had her two week check-up on Monday. She weighs an even 7 pounds now and is a full 21 inches long. So she's growing at a normal rate according to the Dr. He also said she's healthy as can be.

As for me, in an effort to become a better parent to both my kids, I've been reading the book "On Becoming Babywise" and can happily report that Parker is already sleeping 5-6 hours at a time at night. She's also just a really happy baby. (I recommend the book to EVERYONE! I'm wishing I'd read it when Gideon was a baby. It would have made things so much easier!)
One final note, I've contacted our lawyer and begun the finalization process. Our goal is to get a hearing date before Thanksgiving so that we can be sealed on November 27th. If for some reason that doesn't happen, I'm sure you'll all hear from me. But we feel excited that we're able to be moving right along with things! And from now on, I'll try and do better at getting pictures up in a more timely fashion!


Juli said...

She's so beautiful!!!

Jacob and Cami said...

Don't you love the 2nd baby! With Gideon and Lily we always had new posts with tons of pictures and then along comes #2. Poor Ransom hardly has anyhas pictures and the few he usually has Lily in them too! Cute hat and shoes by the way.

Brenley said...

So FUN! That quilt is SO BEAUTIFUL! A bit jealous here! Isn't being a mommy of two the most amazing, wonderful and hardest thing! I love it! Parker is beautiful and Gideon looks like such a great big brother.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Sunday was an especially lovely day all the way around. The picnic on the lawn with your good china was very special. Watching dad play with Gid the Kid was just plain fun!

WV -Scali - Surely has something to do with you my dear. :-)