Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo at the Zoo

I don't know if all zoos do something like this, but every year at Halloween the Idaho Falls Zoo decorates itself up and invites in vendors to hand out candy. We've never been before because Gideon was so young, but he's finally to that age where I thought he'd enjoy it, so we went this year. We were going to take both kids, but at the last minute grandpa (who was tired and didn't really want to go anyway) volunteered to keep Parker at home. That was probably better anyway, even though her costume was plenty warm for a cold night, she still has a cough and doesn't need to be out in the weather.

This cowboy and princess are actually relatives. They're the son and daughter of Trav's cousin June. Jaden and Addison. Addison was born a few days before Gideon and June and her husband adopted her, only to find out a few days (literally days) later that June was pregnant with Jaden. Anyway they're cute and it was fun runninginto them.

Most of the vendors at least dress up and keep a theme with their booth, so it's really fun to see.

And of course you get to see the animals that haven't been put up for the winter yet. Gideon would have stayed forever at the flamingos and monkeys. He was fascinated by them!

The decorations were great, eveything was just so sparkly and festive! (Yes, I just said sparkly.)

Gideon was having such a great time that I literally had to run after him. He would just take off and head for the next thing!

The big cats were very restless and moving around a lot. I'm not sure they're used to getting so many night time visitors.

Taking a much needed rest with Nana. It only lasted about 30 seconds and then we were off again because Buzz saw something else he had to run and investigate.

This was the coolest pumpkin patch ever. They have a carving contest the week of Halloween and then all of the entries get displayed here!

Buzz, meet Buzz. Gideon was so funny every time he saw another Buzz or Woody he followed them and wanted to hang out because they belong together (of course.)

It started getting really crowded after we'd been there about an hour, so we kind of sped through the end and headed out. Next year we're going early. Anyway after we left we met Grandpa and Parker at the IHOP because they were doing free "scary face pancakes" for kids. Gideon had a great time decorating it and then eating eyes nose and mouth. But he wouldn't eat the actual pancake. Oh well, at least he ate some of Nana's broccoli, so we'll call it a success.


Hillary and Jake said...

Chewbacca's in the ZOO! That's a little racist don't you think? J/K I just thought that it was an awesome costume in the background in one of the pictures. It looks like you guys had a blast!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I love that Chewbacca costume too!!! Great for Trick or Treat in Idaho. You'd never get cold! Gideon was sure wound up from Boo at the Zoo.
(and I can't believe you said sparkly. I giggled when I read it.)

Cali and Travis said...

It wasn't just Chewbacca. Princess Leia and a storm trooper were also there. I'm pretty sure it was a whole family of characters, but I only got to see those three. If you look closely to Chewy's right you can see the white blur of Leia.