Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It was a First Even for the Dr.

So yesterday while I was out for my run, apparently Parker decided to be adventurous & crawl under my in-law's car. Unfortunately they had only recently driven it and it was still hot. So she's got some fairly serious burns on her upper back & shoulder blades. It's not too terrible but she is sore and therefore cranky and fussy. I only took her into the doctor because my mother-in-law was almost inconsolable over it and she insisted. But I suppose it was a good thing. He prescribed some special antibiotic burn ointment which seems to be helping. He said it was the first time he'd ever seen burns on a baby from crawling under a car. Great. Now I have a weird child.

Hopefully now she'll know to stay out from under the car.


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Poor baby! I wish I could buy her an ice cream cone!

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

However, while we are on the topic, this does bring to mind an interesting query: what other injuries have the Cunningham clan "introduced" to doctors?
I would venture to guess that Shiloh is the only mother of five to ever be brought to the ER for being a Quasimodo double after cracking her face open while sledding.
And I can state with absolute certainty that mom is the only 50-year-old to get a broken wrist from crashing on a razor scooter that was going downhill 40mph.
And Cody may be the only human being ever to break his arm while trying to imitate his three legged dog, but I can't say for sure.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

HEY! I WAS 48 YEARS YOUNG, thank you very much! As a mature 50 yr. old I would never have gone down that hill on the razor scooter.

Wait..... Yes I would! :-)

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Oh my poor baby. And Poor Daniece! Tell her not to feel too bad! Give Miss Parker kisses for Grandma!