Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes, I'm vain, but I'm going to enjoy it anyway!

A little bit of a personal victory came to me today. First there was a number on the scale this morning which was the lowest I'd seen since before I got married. I could have done back flips I was so very excited about it! I'm loving the weight loss success & how energetic and healthy I feel.

But the best part of it came later in the day when I was chatting with my mother. We were talking about our workout and weight loss efforts. When I told mom what I weighed as of this morning she looked very surprised and then said "Well if that's the case then you currently weigh the least of any of my children. You're the smallest & thinnest of them all right now!"

This may not seem like a big deal since 4 of the girls are currently pregnant and the one who isn't is 4 inches taller than I am, but as I said before, it still counts!!!! At the moment I'm the smallest one in my family. It's probably sick that I find such vain satisfaction in this moment, but none the less, I do. I'm basking in the glory of being fit and thin! (At least until the end of the week when it's likely that two of my sisters will have given birth and be back to their normal sizes.) Until then, the victory is mine!


Angela said...

I totally get this! I was always the big sister and between my boys I was the smallest sister (I'm also the shortest...) and it was vain but it was a victory! I think with one pregnant right now the other and I are hte same weight even though she's like 5 inches taller. Comparison isn't always a good thing but for being the bigger sister its nice to have my moment.

Jessica said...

Yeah! You soak in that glory! Go, Cali! You are one hott mama!