Friday, September 23, 2011

A visit to our newest cousin

On Monday I took Gideon to the hospital for a visit with his new baby cousin. He was so excited to get to hold her! He kept calling her "My new cousin friend." and "Baby Tyree my cousin."

He was so cute, he kept saying "Baby Cousin Tyree lay down with me. Me hold her."
On Wednesday I took both kids up to Jesse & Kelly's house to visit and see their newest cousin.
They were both so excited. Parker seemed especially fascinated by this little kid who was smaller than her.

We got there just as she was waking up to eat so she was a little fussy at first.

But Gideon was cute, he said, "Mommy me pat her tummy, maker her feel better."

This isn't quite the muppet face, but it's close. She's still adorable when she's mad!

I'd never have believed that Jesse's baby would have so much hair!

My kids just thought they were the biggest helpers! Sooooo cute!

Parker was perhaps just a little bit too helpful! But that's okay, at least she loves her cousin. She just kept wanting to pat her little head.

So in an unrelated note, my mom brought Gideon some alligator tatoos from Louisiana and he found them yesterday and decided he needed to wear ALL of them at once. He was quite proud of himself.

And this is also unrelated, this is my birthday present from Cami. She made a canvas of some of my greatest hits in running. I LOVE IT! I think it turned out really great and I've already hung it by my calendar so I see it all the time. It's my mantra (with a perfect little twist of course) so just looking at it motivates me. Anyway, thank you Cami & I love it so much!

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