Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Strawberry Shortcake Smurf Mushroom...

...And various other birthday party pictures. It kind of breaks my heart that my baby girl is turning one. She's just not a baby anymore. But since her birthday isn't actually until Tuesday, I'll ruminate on that another day.

We decided to celebrate Parker's birthday on Saturday so that her daddy wouldn't have to miss her first birthday party.

Gideon was very excited to help wrap presents and put up decorations. (I'll probably leave the decorations up at least through Tuesday. They make the house just seem so happy and festive!)

After we were done wrapping and decorating we got the guest of honor dressed for her big day.

Man I have the cutest kids EVER!

Gideon's job during the party was to hand out noise makers and party hats. And he took his job very seriously. He made sure everyone was decked out at one time or another.

And here it is. The Strawberry Shortcake Smurf Mushroom! It looks nothing like a giant cupcake, but at least it's girly and cute. And hey it only cost us $5 so we won't complain.

Not quite my usual spread, but it was good. Tea sandwiches, fruit, taco dip, chips & pink lemonade. Good enough for a mid-afternoon birthday party for a one year old right?

She didn't want to wear a part hat for long, but she sure looked cute while she had it on.

She's so funny she sticks her tongue out all the time, especially when she's determined. Like a little puppy dog almost. I find it adorable.

So Jesse & Kelly came to the party quite literally en route to the hospital for her to be induced. She looks great for a girl who's 10 days past her due date.

Great Aunt Phyllis & Nana

Parker didn't quite get the hang of opening presents. She mostly wanted to just play with the bows & ribbons.

Deeann, Kaloni, Braxton, Kelly & Jesse (with baby Tyree on board. Photos of that little cutie are coming!)Fortunately for Parker she has a big brother who was more than happy to show her how to open presents.

She got some super cute stuff, but of course, Gideon wasn't at all interested in anything that was clothes or shoes. He really just wanted to keep unwrapping toys.

And now it's time for "Happy Birthday" and cake and ice cream.
Again, Parker wasn't quite sure what to do with the candle. She mostly just stared at it. But big brother saved the day again!

So she didn't really like her cake at all. She mostly just picked at it and spit. She didn't eat any of it or even play in it. That was slightly disappointing to me because I wanted those classic baby photos of being covered hair to fingertips in cake and icing, but oh well. Guess not.

Braxton & Gideon tested out some of Parker's new toys. (In fact, to this point I think Gideon's played with more of her new toys than she has.)

And the day wasn't a total bust for Gideon anyway. Deeann brought over a tricycle for him and he got the hang of that right away! So a successful day for everyone!

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Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Thank heaven for little girls! Especially ones with bug antennae and "helpful" big brothers.