Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to Nauvoo

Random scenes from our trip. (Just a few more pictures to enjoy because I haven't posted enough already today.)

Introducing Princess Lydia (She had to walk through the arch way with Jake and Hillary and the other girls. It was so cute!)

Yes I've already posted similar pictures to this one, but I just couldn't get enough of our cute chubby boys!

The almost marrieds getting some practice

Well I'm not sure what Cami is trying to do, but Shiloh looks like a banana. (But a very, very cute banana.)

Lily Pie loves to stick her tongue out.

Strike that pose Skye!

There are perks to having a bald head I guess.

Skye watch out! There's something coming out of the root cellar after you! Oh wait, that's just your husband, nevermind.

Thanks for the outfits daddy. We decided we look like Easter eggs. There are no words to describe the bachelorette party. Just no words......

This is Rebecca Egloff. Have no doubt that she can hold her own with her three older brothers. Although they may have decreed that she's not allowed to date until she's 32, I think she's making a statement here that says otherwise.

Jesse I think you guys better start having babies of your own. Kelly looks like a natural.

The Egloff boys and Uncle Cody couldn't wait to take Gideon swimming. They talked about it for two days leading up to it. (He loved it of course!) And I was amazed at what good babysitters they all were. Anyway the pool was extremely refreshing since it was a balmy 101 degrees outside by this time.

The boys being boys.


Cathy Shields said...

Great pics! What fun!

The Kynochs said...

How fun! And congrats on the sealing date! That's too exciting!