Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Sights

For those who have never had the opportunity to visit Nauvoo, there is a LOT to see and do there. Especially during the summer when they have lots of fun "period" activities for the entire family to take part in. (My camera battery died before I could get pictures of everyone trying to walk on the stilts. That was pretty funny though.)

The pageant itself takes place on an outdoor stage with the temple rising up on the bluff behind it. It's a beautiful setting.

They've restored many of the original homes, businesses and log cabins in Nauvoo. They have people in period dress stationed as guides in each home and business. This one in particular belonged to Heber C. Kimball.

They teach period dances each evening during the pre-show activities. That's me trying to teach Michael Egloff to waltz.

Now I'm teaching his brother, Tommy.

Michael and Jon Egloff learn what it was like it pull a hand cart. (It would probably have been easier without Tommy, Lydia and Adrianna in the back.)

Adrianna and her daddy learn to saw logs.

They have free horse drawn carriage and wagon rides through different parts of the old town with a tour guide who gives you a lot of a history as you see the sights.

We did go over to the Carthage Jail one morning. It was weird because I'm never sure if I should smile in these pictures or not. I mean it was the scene of the cold blooded murder of two men of God. This is the original door with the original bullet hole from the shot that was fatal to Hyrum.

And yet as subdued as the spirit is here, it's not a sad place. There's comfort in knowing that they were righteous men and will be blessed for their sacrifices.

This is a picture of Wilford Woodruff that hangs in his home on Durphy street. What I was really taking a picture of is the figurines of dogs on either side. These are original pieces that he brought all the way back over from England in the early 1840's.

The Sarah Granger Kimball home. We decided she had the best view of any home in Nauvoo.

The view from Sarah Granger Kimball's front door.

That's me in Brigham Young's original root cellar. I must admit his was one of the coolest homes we visited. Partly because it's one of the most well preserved and partly because of some of the events which transpired here that they tell you about on the tour.

My cousin Kendra and I decided that we're not cut out for life in the mid-nineteenth century. This was harder than it looks.

Mom & daddy in costume.

Children of the Corn. mean Jason and the kids being a little silly.

Besides the pageant itself, there are literally dozens of free shows (some indoors some out) to take in. We managed to make it to "Sunset on the Mississippi" one night. It was fantastic! We also made it to "Just Plain Anna Amanda" one day. All of the shows are excellent.


Arik & Juli said...

Wow - looks like a fun trip! Never been there, it'd be cool.

Jacob and Cami said...

I think that's the same cornfield Adrianna chose to go potty in. Good thing it "went back up in" her, she never would have made it.

Cathy Shields said...

I totally love Nauvoo and Carthidge. Anyone remember the youth trip to Nauvoo. It was my first time there. I remember all those youth in that room at the Carthridge jail where Hyrum and Joseph spent there last days. I remember the song "Poor wayfaring man of grief" came on and total silence. So many tears were falling. Wow was the spirit strong there. I have been back alot and never felt the spirit as strong as it was for me that day. I so enjoyed that trip. And now the temple has been rebuilt and I love that temple. What a great place for Hillary to marry in!