Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pigs in Space...Errr...I mean Mormons in the Midwest

Okay so I'm not going to give a play by play of our trip because that would take far too long and probably just bore everyone anyway. So the next few posts will just be the highlights. What I can tell you is that Gideon is a great traveler. We got really lucky in that area. He slept for most of the drive and flights, and when he was awake he was happy so everyone just commented on how great he did. I felt very relieved that he did so well. I did not feel very relieved that I had to pay either $25 for an extra bag or $80 for an overweight bag at check-in however. But I won't get into that now, it still makes me a little sick.

Anyway enjoy the pictures. There are TONS of them.

Just to give you a basic timeline, we arrived in Nauvoo Tuesday evening and spent Tuesday through Sunday there. The Guffey's arrived about an hour after we did (that's Shiloh & Jason's family, Cami's family, Shiloh's babysitter Jordan and Jason's sister Heather.) Jesse and Kelly arrived Wednesday evening and Skye and Ryan got there on Thursday morning. The wedding was Saturday the 19th and on Sunday morning we broke camp and went our separate ways. Hillary and Jake of course headed out on their honeymoon to Florida, Skye and Ryan were staying in Nauvoo until Wednesday, Shiloh, Cami and their families headed east and Jesse and Kelly headed west, while mom, daddy, me, Cody and Gideon went to stay with our friends the Egloffs for a couple of days.

And FYI -- for those who were interested in doing a reunion, we sort of had one. Besides Shiloh and I, Corey, Will and Matt showed up. So there were a few of us "Brazil Nuts" there. As a side note, Matt had confided that he was going to propose to his girlfriend while in Nauvoo over the weekend. She was the one who actually caught Hillary's bouquet at the reception. Whether that part of it was planned or not I can't say. I can testify though that she had a nice, shiney diamond on her finger by Saturday night. So CONGRATULATIONS Matt & Jillian! We're so excited for you!

These are Corey's boys, Trevor and Tristan. Yes, they really are that beautiful. Somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of Will's boy, Ben, but he's a cutie too. I hope we get to spend some time with all of them again in the near future.

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Cathy Shields said...

It was good to see you even for a little bit. Gideon is precious.