Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Little Firecracker

We started the day by sleeping in and then hitting the carnival and parade up in Menan. The munchkin was a little too young to enjoy the festivities, but at least he looked the part.

By the time the parade started, he'd pretty much had it.

And when we got back to where the truck was parked, this is what we found.

So we went up to the cabin to spend the rest of the holiday with Nana and Gramps.

We showed them how Gideon has learned to take toys and he even discovered what a rattle does while we were there.

It was such a day full of excitement that he really didn't want to go to sleep.

But he finally did. Since it doesn't get dark here until around 10:00, he was out way before the fireworks started, so the rest of us decided to forgo them this year. Maybe next year he'll enjoy them (if he stays awake that long.)


David & Jessica said...

He's just too cute! I remember the first time Davy picked up a rattle, I was so excited! Bransen seemed to like the fireworks, he somehow managed to fall asleep during the show!

Stephanie H. said...

I'm glad he was asleep before the fireworks. A family in my ward took their baby to fireworks and she started having seizures afterwards. The bright lights and loud noise is too much for them.

Ron & Jessica said...

He's so cute and festive!

Riss said...

Too cute Cali! We went to the Brazil carnival on the 4th. I'm sure you remember what a dirt fest that is! He get's cuter with every post. :)

Cathy Shields said...

What an adorable outfit!!! How cute is he!!! Isn't it fun watching them learn new things. I was watching Trevor hop on my couch this weekend and I thought to myself......wasn't it just yesterday that he had to have help getting up there? They grow so fast.

Ashley, Mike and Kiddos said...

He is growing way to fast! What a cute chunker! I always love to catch up with your pics, so keep 'em coming!