Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Cousins

Gideon finally got the opportunity to meet all 7 of his cousins. And WOW did they keep him entertained. It was pretty hectic, but so fun having all the kids running around.

Adrianna introduces herself to the munchkin

Because they were the closest in weight, Gideon and Adam got to share the double stroller for most of the trip. They don't really look alike and Adam is clearly bigger, but we still got stopped a lot and asked if they were twins. It was cute. We decided these two will probably be the best of friends growing up since they're only three months apart in age.

And of course, Gideon got to meet Grandpa Darryl for the first time.

And Aunt Cali got to meet "Lily Pie" for the first time ever. She was so sweet but next to Gideon and Adam she was so teeny she almost seemed fragile.

Adam loves to give kisses. And he clearly loves his mommy.

So the second night of the pageant as it ended we looked around and realized that all 8 kids were asleep. It was funny because there were just little bodies everywhere you turned in our little area.

Gideon enjoyed borrowing Lily's travel swing.

This is Emily, but I'm just wondering how on earth that can be comfortable? I get stiff just looking at that.

Adrianna and Jonas look slightly more comfortable.

Preston and Lydia crashed in the double stroller.

Adam was in his father's arms and Lily woke up just as we took a picture of her sleeping in Cami's arms.

Lily and Gideon chillin' together.

Gideon and Lily enjoyed being "roomies" on this trip.

Adam didn't want to get left out of the fun.

And then Adrianna joined us.

So Lydia came over and joined us too.

Add Emily and we've got an entire bed full of little monkeys. I mean kids.

Okay, when the oldest child is 7 1/2 and three of them are under the age of one, how do you get a picture of all the grandbabies? The answer is: Not very easily.

But Jonas did a great job holding Gideon.

Gideon really loved playing with his cousins.

And apparently they loved playing with him too.

Okay regarding the following picture, I have no idea where she got this all I remember is that we heard Adrianna say "Hey guys, look what I did!" And this is what we looked up to see.

Adam and Gideon really are peas in a pod. They even sleep in the same position with the same arm up.

Lydia's scary face.

But she didn't scare off Uncle Ryan.

Wait, that doesn't look right......

A snack at the pageant.


Cathy Shields said...

How did your family end up with so many cute kids????

Darryl and Cindy said...

I miss my grandchildren. :-(