Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Promised a "CARS" Birthday Party, didn't I?

We started the afternoon with lots of food including pizza, veggies, fruit, chips, punch & more.

Then Gideon FINALLY got to open the presents we'd been chasing him away from for the last two days. He got lots of "help" from Braxton who took it upon himself to take the ribbons off & start tearing the paper. Fortunately Gideon didn't seem to mind.

Running back over to the pile for another gift. No. He's not spoiled at all. Why do you ask?

"Okay, I opened all the presents. Now what?"

Now time for cake. Gideon got into the cake before we got a picture of it. Naturally he was after the car on top. Those who look closely will probably noticed that his name is misspelled. I didn't catch that until we got home. Good thing he's only 2 & can't read yet.

We had to turn the cake around so he'd be closer to the candles, but once we did that he got them out by himself!

And then he definitely went after that car!

This was one of his presents, I think it looks pretty cool.
Well good night for now, check back tomorrow for more adventures.


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

*sigh* What a fun looking party! Wish I were there.

Hillary and Jake said...

Happy birthday to the munchkin