Friday, March 12, 2010

Playing & Shopping

Yesterday morning was warm, but cloudy with a slight chance of rain, so we packed up the brood and headed down to Bay Side so that the mommies could do a little shopping. (I had to find shoes to go with the new dress I bought last week! It's going to be my Easter dress but I'm so excited I probably won't wait until Easter to wear it.)

Bay Side is a fun outdoor shopping area right on the water. I had been down there once like 15 years ago, but that was at night. So it was cool to go walk around in the daytime. It's different with children though. By the time we get up and get everyone ready and get where we're going, we have like an hour to do stuff before kids start getting cranky and hungry.
They were pretty good for a while. Gideon loved going down by the water and watching the boats. (What can I say, he's all boy.) We found some cute things down at Bay Side and then shared a Cuban sandwich for lunch before heading home.

After naps the kiddos still had some energy to burn off, so we went to the park. And of course Lots of fun ensued there!

Don't ask me why Gideon thought it was a good idea to kiss the turtle. He's actually become very, very affectionate lately and gives just about everyone kisses.