Sunday, March 7, 2010

It Should Always be this much FUN!!!

"Something's going down. I don't know what but I'm gonna stay awake to find out!"

"Gideon, are you as excited as I am? Do you know what's happening today?"

"Sure I know, Lily, check out my shirt. I'm ready!"

"We're going to the races!"

"Look at us, we're all official! Like real runners!""

"Aw, mom, don't get all mushy! It's just my first race!"

"Still awake, still awake, still awake! No daddy, a pacifier won't win this battle. I've got to see what's going on!"

"Ummm, I don't think I want to do this! It's crowded & noisy & I'm a little scared."

"I don't like it either. Daddy, can we go please?"

"Oh wait, everyone started running. Okay....I can run too!"

"Hey this is kind of fun. All these kids are just running! I'm running too!"

"Wait....Where do I go?"

"Oh, I see they're all headed for those yellow cones. Cool, I'll run there too!"

"Daddy, daddy! We made it all the way to the finish! That was really fun! Thank you for coming with me!"

"Whoa! I get a medal just for running?!?!"

"Look, mom, they gave me a medal for running. I run everyday, how come you don't give me a medal?"

"A medal and free snacks? This is SWEET!"

"You know, Gideon, now that we're real runners, I think we're big enough to help push the stroller."
"I agree, your mom definitely needs our help."
"Not sleeping, not sleeping- Hey that lady just said I was adorable. Go back so she can really get a good look then I'll totally turn on the charm!"

"Oh yeah, check out the medal, I finished the race! That's right people, I'm that awesome!"

"So Lily, do you think we should come back and do it again next year?"
"Absolutely! That was a blast! Maybe we could get the rest of our cousins to come do it with us, that would be a party!"


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

LOVE IT!!!!! Grandma wants to come and watch next year!!!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

P.S. There vocabularies have improved a lot in 3 weeks!

Lombardo Family said...

That is so dang cute! I love it! How's your knee by the way?