Sunday, March 14, 2010

Silly on a Sunday

It has been a silly day here at Casa de Guffey. First thing this morning the munchkins decided it would be better to watch Dora & drink their milk in a tent under the hide-a-bed.

Bobo may have planted the seed. It caught on quickly.

Gideon was such a stud in his new church clothes. I wore mine today too, but didn't get any pictures of it. Perhaps I should have.

How did we get so lucky! He's just so very handsome!

After church and Sunday dinner we decided to take a walk in the park.

Gideon crashed hard and ripped open the scabs on both knees. He only cried for a minute and then kept going. He fell at least 3 more times before we went home and never cried at all.
We stopped to look at turtles and fish. There were a lot of them. And the kids got to play some kick ball. So that was fun.

And boy did all three kids scream and cry and throw a major fit when it was time to go home!

The silliness continued at home when Bobo taught them to wear their shorts on their heads as hats.

It was a very silly day!

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I have heard of Diaper heads and panty heads but this is the first Shorthead!