Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Really Happening

So this whole thing has sort of been a little surreal over the past few days. It's almost seemed too good to be true. The caseworker had told me on the phone the other day that he'd be sending us a packet of paperwork that needed updated and filled out and we'd go ahead and get started on it. I mean, sure we have six months, but why wait?

Today I went to the agency to drop off an Easter package for B. (I had been putting it together the night before we got the call. I mean seriously, how perfect is the timing here?) When I got there the caseworker was actually standing at the front desk and the receptionist was holding our paperwork in her hand to put in an envelope. Naturally since I was there they just gave it too me and saved themselves the postage.

The caseworker grinned at me and said, "Congratulations!" And for some reason in that moment it suddenly became real. Now I have paperwork to do and medical records to track down. And that makes it seem like it's really going to happen. I'm not just going to wake up one day and realize I'd dreamed the entire thing. Despite the work I now I have to do, I can't seem to wipe the grin off my face! It's really and truly happening!


Jessica said...

Wow, Cali, your life seems so much more eventful and exciting than mine!
I'm so excited for you to be getting your next baby. And I think it's amazing that it's from the same girl. Seriously, how do you get a better sign than that?!
Gideon's birthday party sure was cute! You are a great mommy!
Best wishes on the journey ahead!

Scott, Julie and Kaylie said...

YAY!!!!! I LOVE your amazing story! And I love B for being so couragous! Congrats! Gideon is going to be a great big brother, hooray! I've got tears in my eyes I'm so happy for you!!!! We'll be praying for all of you!

Ron and Jessica said...

I'm just now checking in on blogs for the week and I'm so happy for your family! Of course, we'll pray for B's family because it's got to be tough. But we've overjoyed for Gideon to be a big brother!

The Buthman Family said...

I am so excited for you. I know how hard it is for B and she will be in my prayers! Congrats!!!