Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Rest of Today

So today was pretty exciting for more than just Gideon's birthday. I had the privilege of going to a baptism today for Randi Jo & Jessi. This is my sister Jesse's sister-in-law and her daughter. What was even more exciting is that they were able to be baptized by their grandfather. It was a really special service. I'm always thrilled and excited to see people accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Because of the baptism and a few other things I had to take care of today, we decided we're not really going to have Gideon's birthday party until after church tomorrow. But I brought home a bunch of balloons for him today and Nana and I each let him open one gift.

I just wrapped these up so he'd have something to open on his actual birthday. Whoppers are his favorite candy. Not that it matters to him, he's only 2 so he doesn't know any different, but it matters a little to me. He's my only baby (for now) so those kinds of things are still kind of important.

Stay tuned tomorrow for all the fun photos from our "Cars" birthday bash!

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