Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cami's Surprise Birthday Party!

Given all of the activities we had going on over the weekend, and the fact that there were so many people, it may seem strange that we were able to actually pull off a surprise party for Cami. Her birthday was actually on Monday, but since she was going to be driving back home all that day, we decided to have our own little celebration while we were all together.

And boy was Cami surprised!!!

The birthday girl and her princess

For a present, Jonas picked Cami some flowers and Emily gave her a box of "pretty" rocks.

Mom's step-mom, Louise, was gracious enough to allow us to have the party at her house. It was so nice we just went out on the back patio and did it there.

This is Kaleb, he's just three weeks old and he's my step-cousin's baby boy.

Okay in this picture the blonde is Louise, my mom's step mom. The one holding the baby is her daughter, Jean. (So Jean is mom's step-sister.) That's her son Sammy beside her, and Kaleb is Sammy's new baby. His wife, Andrea is standing up behind him. This was my first time meeting Andrea. She's very sweet. And I'm very excited for them and their new baby. (BTW, yes I know it's not fair that Jean doesn't look in any way old enough to be a grandmother. She doesn't even look her age, which is 42.)

Sammy, Andrea and Kaleb with Sammy's brother, Matt.

So Skye tripped over the dog and landed in the grass effectively staining the back of her beautiful white pants, which gave us this gem of a picture. (I don't even think Ryan needs to doctor this one, it's already pretty funny.)

I just don't know what Lily and Gideon are going to do without each other. They love each other so much!

Adam modeling Clint's baseball cap.

Louise took the kids for rides on the golf cart.

Of course Gideon just wanted to drive the thing himself. Louise said, "Well, Cali, looks like you're going to have to get a golf cart for this boy." I told her she'd better not mention that to my husband, he's been telling me we need one for years.


travis said...

yes we do need a golf cart

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

I sm so sorry that I missed it. And yes.... you do need a golf cart. I don't know what for, but I think it would be cool!

erin said...

yea for hot step-cousins! ;)