Thursday, May 28, 2009

For Grandma Cindy

Mom wanted to see a photo of Gideon's latest battle wound, so here you go. This was sustained yesterday while I was pulling weeds in the back yard. It doesn't look very bad in the picture, but if you look at the corner of his right eye, you'll see it.

Tuesday was Nana's birthday. We went to the Hard Hat Cafe for dinner. They just opened the brand new place in Idaho Falls a couple of weeks ago, so we'd never been to this one before. (They had previously been located in Rexburg and we've eaten there) but this was a new experience. The coolest part about it was that they had a play area for the kids. So while you're waiting for a table or waiting for your food, your munchkins can go crazy.
And boy did mine ever! He loved it.

After dinner we went home and had birthday cake. Well not so much cake as ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone. They were amazing!

And other than that we've just been taking it easy this week. Yesterday we did some yard work and then some housework. About the only exciting thing I have to report is that Travis went back to work a week ago, and since they're so far behind, they're going to start working Saturdays so that they can maybe get home by the middle of August. Fingers crossed that he'll be able to come home that soon and that they'll have another job for him when he does come home. (Apparently that's a concern right now as well.)

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travis said...

what are you doing to my son