Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Munchkin's Cousins

I had to post this photo because I thought it was so cute. Cami and Lily Pie wearing the shirts Jacob brought them from his business trip to Oklahoma last week.
Captain Milk Beard the Happy Pirate Boy!

All in all the kids did pretty well in the car all day Wednesday. They were tired and slept a lot and the DVD players helped. We made pretty good time for having two babies and even managed to survive the "Killer Highway." (Long story, ask my mom.)
We arrived in Seelyville about 8:00 Wednesday night. Mom and Shiloh were already there so Gideon got to play with his other cousins for the first time in almost a year. At first I think he was a little overwhelmed. So was Lily. So they sat in the chair together for a little while.

For the first couple of days we were there, we got to spend a lot of time with the other kids because mom and Shiloh were busy trying to get the wedding cake done. (Which any baker will tell you, is a job that takes several days.) It was made more difficult due to the fact that in addition to Shiloh's six kids they were battling the elements, like humidity, which kept causing the cakes to fall and making them really dense. But in the end it turned out okay. And Gideon got to hang with his cousins.

Lydia showing us how she spins

In the car with Adam and Preston

Playing in the yard at Aunt Patty's house.

Again, with Adam and Preston

Emily Mae



A picnic on the deck! How fun!

Gideon's shirt from Disney World

The kids all got their hair trimmed so they would look nice before the wedding. Gideon thought it was great entertainment. I'm just amazed at how still Adam sat through the whole thing. Gideon was like a fish out of water during his hair cut! Oh well at least it's not so shaggy anymore.

We were staying with our friend, Larry. Actually he's kind of a second father to use kids, we've known the family for years. His kids have been good friends of ours since high school. Anyway, he was an absolute trooper letting us come in and take over. He didn't even mind when Gideon somehow found a basket of Easter Eggs in the back room and decided they would make a fun accessory to his outfit. Thanks Larry, we love you!


travis said...

nice van is does that haul 15 people, Cali do you want one

travis said...

nice van is does that haul 15 people, Cali do you want one