Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yes Still more Pictures!

Bet you didn't think that there could possibly be anymore pictures to post from my trip. But you'd be wrong. (I took nearly 400 while I was gone, so just be grateful that I haven't posted everything.)

After the birthday party we went back to Patty & Chuck's and let the kids play while they made dinner on the grill. Their boys, Clint and Cole were so great for the kids and the kids absolutely loved them. While we were there we got to go see Clint play baseball. He's a pitcher on the freshman team at T.H. North High School. He did a great job. I will admit that it makes me feel a little bit old though, knowing that Clint is 15 & Cole is 13. Not only do I remember those boys being born (I was 16 when Clint was born) but I used to babysit them. Now they're the ones helping watch our kids. Crazy how time flies.

Clint teaching Skye to ride a Rip Stick.

Apparently Lydia likes stickers.

Clint and Cole having dinner with Skye and Lily. (I'm pretty sure Cami is back there holding Lily, but I can't really see her in this photo.)
Lily and Gideon got one last morning to play together on Monday. We let them just enjoy it while we packed everything and cleaned up the house a little. It was very sad for us to leave.

Then we went over to Patty and Chuck's to meet Shiloh and the kids. And, as you'll see in the video, Shiloh did learn to master the Rip Stick while she was there. She said it was a lot like snow boarding. I'm grateful that there's no photographic evidence of my feeble attempts to master the stupid thing. I never even managed to stand up on it correctly.

And then we all left and headed for our various places of residence. Mom, dad, Cody and Ryan left Sunday afternoon to get back to Georgia. Jesse and Kelly caught a plane out at O'Dark Thirty on Monday morning and then Gideon and I caught a plane out of Indy later that afternoon. Cami drove back to Florida, dropping Skye in Georgia on the way, and Shiloh headed for the Carolinas.

I don't mind admitting that I'm exhausted. We got back home in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Yesterday was spent unpacking and grocery shopping since our fridge was bare of even the essentials. Then I had church so munchkin went to Nana's house. They had just arrived home Monday night from California, so they were pretty tired too. Still I think they were happy to see him since it had been a couple of weeks. I meant to go to bed early last night, but I was up late after he was in bed putting together slide shows and organizing my pictures from the trip. And today has been our recovery day. I did get up and put on something other than pj's. But no make-up and I haven't showered yet. I'd like to say I've been busy cleaning my house, doing laundry and going through the stacks of mail. But I can't even do that. Most of the day I've been playing with pictures and blog posts again, and watching movies. I'm just too exhausted to do much of anything else. Plus thanks to the altitude and dry air I've had nose bleeds and a headache pretty much since we got back. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better.

Retrospectively I think the trip went great. I was really sad to have to come home. So much so that I'm already trying to plan another trip somewhere just to give me something to look forward to. Because being stuck here with no way out coming up just makes me want to cry. I know I shouldn't feel that way about my "home" but I do. (Most people are relieved to get home from a vacation, I was just bummed.) Cami and I actually talked about this while we were driving last week. Idaho has never felt like home to me in the way that Indiana does. There are several reasons for that, but this is neither the time nor place to go into them. I'll save my rant about how much I dislike Idaho for another day.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos from a fantastic vacation.


travis said...

looks like you guys had alot of fun

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Iknow one reason why you like Idaho, but since he is in Guam I can see why it is a lonely place right now. Chin up sweetie, the weather will warm up and you can start working on the back yard and making it a wonderful play ground for Gideon while you wait for Travis to come home, then it will be better! I love you!!!!