Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Okay so our photographic journey to the west coast was fun, but let's head forward a few time zones back to Indiana for a few more photos of the happenings there. Sunday morning Michelle and Kevin had a brunch out at their house for family. It gave us all a chance to visit a little more and to watch the newlyweds open some gifts.

It was a nice relaxing morning.

Okay, this is my mom with all of her siblings. From left, Michelle, Patty, Cindy Sue, John and Sandy. John is the oldest then Michelle. Mom's the middle child then Patty and Sandy. It was the first time all of them have been together in a decade, so that was pretty exciting.

The kids got to play some games in the yard and enjoy the sunshine.

We really do have a pretty big family.

Erin and Ben opening their gifts.

The babies having a drink.

How come everytime Ryan gets hold of my camera, I get a random picture of Skye, posing?

The gang's almost all here. Sadly Hillary couldn't make it, but we love her anyway!

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travis said...

don't let Ryan use the camera anymore