Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lunch Out & a Pool Party

After we went to the park today for our play time and running, we went out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. The babies had fun and got a lot of attention. People even commented that they could tell the two were related. (He, He, He! I love getting comments like that from strangers!)

Then we had to go to the store. Gideon got some new floaties so that we could go swimming later.

BTW we got him a new bathing suit yesterday as well. It came with matching tank top, and it's so cute!

We met a little friend in the grass on the way to the pool. Cami says that iguanas are pretty common around here. I was only slightly creeped out, I'm just glad he wasn't very big and stay pretty well away from me.

I got to wear my Hawaii cover up for the first time ever. But I'm not confident enough to post a photo of myself in the new bathing suit. Sorry. I will tell you that it's very 1950's Glamour Girl style. Black with white polka dots.

A few of Cami's friends came out with their kids, so we had quite a little party going on. After about an hour Lily was tired and definitely ready to go. Gideon however, was not. He LOVED swimming and had a great time. He definitely didn't want to leave & he threw a fit & cried like he was being tortured when we walked away!

We got home about five-ish, so we fed the kiddos nd gave them a bath. They were both so tired they didn't really enjoy it at all.

Gideon went down early and he's asleep now, but Lily Pie isn't feeling well. She's running a fever and has a terrible running nose, so she's still awake. But we hope she gets some good sleep tonight because we have a big day planned tomorrow. We're going to drive down to the Keys, maybe get some Cuban food, perhaps hit the beach. You know, cool stuff like that.

So have a great night and we'll have lots more adventures to share tomorrow.

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Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Gotta love a good pool party!

.... and my grandkids are so cute!