Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 Big Announcements, 1 Broken Toe

So the Mission Call has been opened! And (drumroll please) Cody will be spending the next two years of his life spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Riverside, California. He reports to the Missionary Training Center on August 19.
The other big announcement wasn't as much of a surprise as it might seem. Remember how I said in a previous post that I was expecting at least one of my sisters to announce her pregnancy. Well, that sister turned out to be Cami, who is due with baby number two on January 24. And that's very exciting news!

The other thing was Gideon trying to help Nana dust. He dropped a full can of Pledge on his toe. I didn't think there was much the doctor could do, so I didn't take him in, I just called the office and described it. The doctor said, there really isn't much they can do for broken toes, just try and put some ice on it, give him Baby Motrin to help with the pain and watch to make sure it doesn't become worse. People didn't know just how right they were when they said he's just like Cody.


Hillary and Jake said...

at least he won't be running so much... for a little while at least

Jessica said...

Congrats to Cody & Cami! And give little Gideon a kiss for me!

travis said...

what are you doing to my son