Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Surprised

I'm interrupting our regularly scheduled "Journey to the Past" blog segments to bring you the very unsurprising news that my sister Shiloh, is expecting child number 7. She's due right around Valentine's Day.

This is not a surprise for several reasons:
1. It's one of those years when everyone in my life is expecting.
2. Every time she starts running again and gets really skinny she gets pregnant again. (So I guess this means no Myrtle Beach half marathon in February.)
3. It's Shiloh and Jason. They told us a month ago they were "trying" again, so we knew it would very shortly lead to an announcement.
Still, we're very excited for the two new babies that will join our family just a few weeks apart next year.


reanda said...

WOW!! So how many grandchildren do your parent's have currently and on the way? Tell Shiloh Congrats for me!

Cali and Travis said...

Re, currently my parents have 8 grandkids. 4 boys, 4 girls. Six of them belong to Shiloh, and one each to Cami and myself. So these new little ones will be numbers nine and ten for the clan. Crazy, huh?