Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Star Gazer's Ball 94

For Reasons I never understood, our school didn't have a formal Homecoming Dance. Instead our fall formal happened later in the fall was called Star Gazer's Ball.

Shiloh went with Chad "Chadly" Chalos who lived just up the road. He was a cool kid. We enjoyed hanging out with him. I wonder if he still has a great collection of Danny Kaye movies?

This was not the first time I bucked the system and took a kid not from our school. (That's what happens when you can't get a date from your own school to save your life.) Kurt Knight lived in Terre Haute. I knew him from church dances and youth conferences. We used to enjoy hanging out together whenever we could. A couple of years after this, his family moved back to Utah and I've never heard what happened to them.

Side note: Check out my dress. Even in high school I was totally into vintage glamour. When the kids recieved a bag of old clothes from my grandma Peggy to be used for dress-ups, I found this gem in there and immediately saved it so I could wear it sometime. So here I am, 17 years old, wearing a dress that was probably 30 years old at that time which had been worn by my grandmother. This wasn't the first time I'd done the "retro" dress up thing. Earlier that same summer I'd worn a cocktail dress given to me by my great-aunt to her son's wedding. I'd say I've grown out of this phase, but I haven't. Not so long ago I found a pink wool hat at an antique shop in Pueblo, Co that just screamed Grace Kelly. And since I happen to own a pink cashmere dress coat, I had to buy it!

Rather than having our dates take us out, Shiloh and I somehow conned our mother into cooking a very fancy meal and then getting our younger siblings to serve it.

It was actually really fun and turned out pretty nice. It was a tactic we employed again for my senior prom in 96, but at that time there was a group of 8 of us and we had the dinner at Jenny's house.

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