Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Best Friend

I never really considered myself as having a "best friend" growing up. I mean I had a lot of good friends. Just not one that stuck out as a best friend. There were Corey, Will, John, Rodney & BJ who were practially like brothers. There were friends at school, Reanda, Larissa, Ben, Graham and others that I hung out with now and then. And of course there were Shiloh's friends, Carrie, Rick, Jenny & company. There were "church" friends that I only saw like once a month at stake functions, Cassi, Sammi, Andy, Jason, Kurt, Josh et al. But really the closest friend I had in high school didn't go to my school. And I didn't meet her at church either.

When I think about how I met Jenni it's kind of embarrassing. We met when we were both modeling for Sears at our local mall in Terre Haute. Jenni and I hit it off instantly. We found out she lived really close to us, but I'd never met her because she was home schooled. I was so jealous when she finished school at 16. And then she went off to Nashville to be a nanny.

I have so many fun memories of Jenni. We would go to movies (always sneaking in candy in our purses and coats.) We went to a LOT of concerts because her mom could get us really good seats. We never left the mall without getting Superman ice cream. And every time we went out we always finished the night at Chicago's Pizza with a super greasy slice of deep dish meat lover's pizza. (In retrospect that was probably the worst thing we could have done because it had to be like 1000 calories per slice.) Anyway I would be remiss posting all of these great "memories" without mentioning her. She still means a lot to me even though we live far away and kind of lost touch for a few years. Love you Jenni Lee!

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